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1. Specification



2. Advantages

1.    Wire with high fire resistance( wire will not burn if it touchs the heating die head)

2.    Precise size of die head( if the die head is too big, pipe wall of fitting will be too thin to connect firmly after heating fusion; if the die head is too small, it is hard for pipe to insert)

3.    There is a thermostat to keep the temperature of die head( prevent die head from continuely heating cause the damage of pipe)

3. Usage



4. Our Service

1. OEM & Customize

We support OEM service, customers can make products according to their samples , color, material and so on. 

2. Free Samples

If customers need the samples we will provide free of charge and make sure that our product is customers' needs. 

3. Online Service

It is a 24-hour service that allows customers to send information at any time and we will reply within 12 hours. 

5. Swin Company Strength



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