Coupling Pipe Fittings

1. Introduction of PPR Coupling Pipe Fittings:
1. Production experience:19 years in pipeline production
2. Using life: 50 years
3. Certificate:ISO9001-2000, CE...

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1. Introduction 

1. Production experience:19 years in pipeline production

2. Using life: 50 years 

3. Certificate:ISO9001-2000, CE


2. Full Size 

PPRCoupling Pipe Fittings

Description OD (mm)

Package (pcs / box)



















3. Feature

1. Light weight

The density of PPR pipes is 0.89-0.9 g/cm, only 1/8 of the steel pipes, 1/10 of copper pipes. The light weight will reduce the transportation cost and the construction intensity

2. Healthy

The material of PPR pipes are formed with just two elements, that is, Carton and Hydrogen. The sanitation performance of the materials has passed the examination by the government authority

3. Well corrosion-resistance

Except for few oxidants, the pipes can endure the erosion of many kinds of chemical materials. The pipes will not be rusted, get eroded, breed the growth of bacteria.

4. Little expansion force

The flexible moludus of PPR materials is small. So the expansion force formed with the change of temperature is little. They are suited for the installation of inside walls and concealed floor construction


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5. Swin Certificateimage005.jpg

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