Primary Water Filter

Introduction of primary water filter:
1. Material: body: 304 stainless steel, impact resistance plastic; inner: 316 stainless steel
2. Size: 105*75*265 mm
3. Precision: 30-70μm...

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1. Material: body: 304 stainless steel, impact resistance plastic; inner: 316 stainless steel

2. Size: 105*75*265 mm

3. Precision: 30-70μm

4. Water flow: 3.0T/ H

5. Hydraulic pressure: ≤ 16 bar

6. Size for pipe: 3/4″—1″

7. Working temperature: 1—40℃

8. Servie life: permanence

9. Package: including primary water filter, plastic wrench and a specification


1. Connected after water meter, remove rust, silt and other big particles from tap water

2. First step of whole house water purification system, not only for drinking water fitration but also the protection of household appliances (eg: floor heating)

3. Can be used in household, hospitality industry (eg: hotel), institution (eg: school) etc.


1. Environmental friendly, all materials are food-grade and lead free

2. The filtration effect is clearly visible due to the tranparent body, no need to worry about the hidden pollution

3. Can be used repeatedly after cleaning by brushing the stainless steel net inner (money saving)

4. Running without electricity (power saving)

5. Do not produce waste water (water saving, environment protecting)

Why do I need a primary water filter

1. Water may be secondly polluted by municipal pipeline or impounding reservoir of apartment building

2. Rust, silt and other big particals in the water may stack not only in the pipe but also the household appliances, which would shorten the service life of pipe and houlshold appliances

3. Bad quality of water definitely will influence human heath condition


Notes of

1. It is the very beginning of purification, water cannot be drunk directly

2. It is suggested to use with the combination of whold house water filter and drinking water filter.

3. To extend it service life, please purify common city water only

4. It is suggested to clean the net inner twice a year


It is tested by the following independently institutions:

UKAS   United Kingdom Accreditation Service

NSF   National Sanitation Foundation

WRAS   Water Research Adviory Scheme

WQS  Water Quality Association

FDA  Food and Drug Administration

CMA  China Metrology Accreditation

ILAC-MRASILAC   Mutual Recognition Accreditation

CNAS  China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment



1. Use teflon tape to twine the male threaded unions, and fasten male threaded unions on the two sides of the primary water filter by using wrench.




2. Swich off the stop valve,cut the pipe after the water meter, and connect the male threaded unions on the primary water filter to the ppr pipe by fusion machine.

3. Please note the direction of the flow during the installation. Switch on the stop valve and check whether have wate seepage.

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