Fiber Membrane Water Filter Cartridge

Fiber Membrane Water Filter Cartridge

Introduction of fiber membrane water filter cartridge:
1. Material: body: diatomaceous ceramic; inner: composite activated carbon and fiber membrane
2. Size: 2*10mm
3. Precision: 0.1-0.01μm...

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1. Material: body: diatomaceous ceramic; inner: composite activated carbon and fiber membrane

2. Size: 2*10mm

3. Precision: 0.1-0.01μm

4. Water flow: 120L/ H

5. Service life: 12-18months (according to the quality and usage of water)



1. Can remove odor, bad taste, colloid and bacteria etc. from the water.

2. Water after purification by fiber membrane water filter cartridge can be drunk directly.

3. It is used in the drinking water filter (the under sink)

4. Can be used in household, hospitality industry (eg: restaurant), institution (eg: company) etc.



It is tested by the following independently institutions:

UKAS  United Kingdom Accreditation Service

NSF  National Sanitation Foundation

WRAS  Water Research Adviory Scheme

WQS  Water Quality Association

FDA   Food and Drug Administration

CMA   China Metrology Accreditation

ILAC-MRASILAC   Mutual Recognition Accreditation

CNAS  China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment



Q & A

Q1. What is fiber membrane?

A: Fiber membrane is a technique of membrane filtration. Liquid filtration takes place through the pores, or gaps, in the hollow fiber wall structure. Fiber membranes have sharp pore size distributions that provide superior and stable filtration performance.


Q2. What is the most professional way to purify the water?

A: It is suggest to use primary water filter + whole house chlorine water filter + whole house water filter for hard water + drinking water filter. Customers can choose different products as a combination for their special needs.


Q3. How long should I change the filter cartridge?

A: It is depends on the quality and usage of water. Customer can clean the cartridge by brushing it, when the discharge of water becomes small or the surface of cartridge becomes brown. About 12 months, it is suggested to customer replace a new one.


Q4. Are all the material food-grade?

A: Yes, they are. All material are environmental friendly, food-grade and lead free.


Q5. Do water filters need electricity?

A: No, they do not. It is a kind of power saving product.

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