Under Sink Drinking Water Filter

Under Sink Drinking Water Filter

Introduction of under sink drinking water filter:
1. Material: body: 304 stainless steel; inner: ceramic water filter cartridge
2. Size: 70*80*305mm
3. Precision: 0.2μm...

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1. Material: body: 304 stainless steel; inner: ceramic water filter cartridge

2. Size: 70*80*305mm

3. Precision: 0.2μm

4. Water flow: 120L/ H

5. Service life: 12-18months (according to the quality and usage of water)

6. Package: including under sink drinking water filter, faucet, ceramic water filter cartridge, plastic tube, scouring pad, tee valve, screws, plastic union, plastic clip and a specification.


1. Can remove odor, bacteria and heavy metal etc. from the water.

2. Water after purification by under sink drinking water filter can be drunk directly. But to extent the service life of product, it is suggested to use whole house purification system together.

3. Can be installed at the kitchen, tearoom, bar counter and so on.

4. Can be used in household, hospitality industry (eg: restaurant), institution (eg: company) etc.


1. Environmental friendly, all materials are food-grade and lead free

2. Running without electricity (power saving)

3. Do not produce waste water (water saving, would not pollute the environment)

4. It is easy to install, maintain and change the cartridge.

5. Small volume, can be installed under sink (space saving)

6. Can be used repeatedly after cleaning by brushing (economical efficiency)








1. Switch off the cold water valve, loosen the cold water metal tube by wrench, connect the plastic tube to the tee from the under sink drinking wter iflter, and then fasten the tee valve on the valve for cold water.


2. Install the faucet on the counter( if there is not a reserved place for the faucet, customer need to punch a hole ), connect the plastic union with tube, and use the blue plastic clip to prevent the tube from falling out.


3. Open the under sink drinking water filter, remove the cover of filter cartridge, and screw up the filter cartridge.


5. Cut the plastic tube at the suitable place and connect them on the both sides of the filter( tube connecting with tee valve is the inflow while the tube connecting with faucet is the outflow). Switch on the cold water valve and tee valve to check whether have water seepage.

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