3-stage Under Sink Water Filter

Introduction of 3-stage under sink water filter:
1. Water flow: 120L/ H
2. Size: 210*80*305mm
3. Precision: 0.1—0.01μm...

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1. Material: body: 304 stainless steel; inner: ceramic water filter cartridge; kdf filter cartridge; fiber membrane water filter cartridge

2. Size: 210*80*305mm

3. Precision: 0.1—0.01μm

4. Water flow: 120L/ H

5. Service life: 12-18months (according to the quality and usage of water)


1. Can remove odor, bacteria and heavy metal etc. from the water.

2. Water after purification by 3-stage under sink water filter can be drunk directly.

3. Can be installed at the kitchen, tearoom and so on.

4. Can be used in household, hospitality industry (eg: hotel), institution (eg: school) etc.



1. Environmental friendly, all materials are food-grade and lead free

2. Running without electricity (power saving)

3. Do not produce waste water (water saving, would not pollute the environment)

4. It is easy to install, maintain and change the cartridge.

5. Small volume, can be installed under sink (space saving)

6. Can be used repeatedly after cleaning by brushing (when water discharge becomes small and surface of filter cartridge becomes brown, which is the signal to clean the cartridge)


Why do I need it

Quality of water definitely will influence qualty of people’s daily life. Human need eight glasses of water every day, therefore it is necessary to have a 3-stage under sink water filter to guarantee the quality of drinking water, especially for children, pregnant women and old men. 3-stage under sink water filter has three steps to purify water incluing removing small particals by diatomaceous ceramic, inhibiting bacteria forming by kdf and removing odor and bad taste by fiber membrane.


It is tested by the following independently institutions:


Q & A 

Q1. Can I use drinking water filter only?

A: Yes, you can. However, service life of cartridge would be shorter than using the whole house purification system. Because without first and second steps of filtration, surface of filter cartridge would be covered with big particals quickly, which would increase the cleaning frequency and shorten the working life of filter cartridge.


Q2. What is the most professional way to purify the water?

A: It is suggest to use primary water filter + whole house chlorine water filter + whole house water filter for hard water + drinking water filter.


Q3. Can I install by myself?

A: Yes, of course, you can. It is easy to install and replace the cartridge by customers themselves. Customers can find out the introduction of installation on the corresponding website.


Q4. What is in the package?

A: It including a 3-stage under sink water filter, a faucet, a ceramic water filter cartridge, a kdf filter cartridge, a fiber membrane water filter cartridge, plastic tube, scouring pad, tee valve, screws, plastic union, plastic clip and a specification.



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