• Female Threaded Plastic Elbow

    Features of Female Threaded Plastic Elbow:
    1. Anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, suitable for industrial waste water discharge, long service life.
    2. Easy to operate, cost savings, speeding up the construction, easy to install.
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  • PVC S Trap Plumbing

    Trap refers to an accessory with a water seal placed inside the sanitary appliance or on the equipment drain pipe. Prevent the gas in the drainage pipe system from breaking into the indoor. The water column with a certain height in the water bend is called water seal.
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  • PVC Electrical Junction Box

    1. Introduction of PVC Electrical Junction Box
    1. Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
    2. Size:86*86*50MM
    3. Colour: White/Blue/Red
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  • Stainless Steel Manifolds

    1. Introduction of Stainless steel manifolds
    1. Material: stainless steel
    2. Size: 16, 20,25
    3. Colour: Silver/blue
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  • Brass Reducer Coupling

    Made with a mixture of metal alloys: mostly copper and zinc, as well as small amounts of lead, tin, manganese, nickel, aluminium or iron. Brass fittings used for potable water usually have approximately 62-65% copper, 30-35% zinc and very small percentages of tin and lead.
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  • Whole House Water Filter for Hard Water

    Introduction of whole house water filter for hard water:
    1. Material: body: impact resistance food-grade PP; inner: hard water filter cartridge
    2. Size: A. 190*210*450mm
    B. 190*210*700mm
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  • Hot Water Supply Pipe

    1. Introduction of PPR Hot Water Supply Pipe:
    1. Material:PPR
    2. Sizes:DN20-110mm
    3. PressureRating:PN20, PN25
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  • Soundproofing PVC Drain Pipe

    1. Introduction of Soundproofing PVC Drain Pipe:
    1. PVC pipe size: Diameter: 50mm-200mm; thickness: 1.8-4.9mm; Length: 4m
    Excellent PVC pipe in quality follow GB/T5836.1-2006 and GB/T5836.2-2006, meet to export standards.
    2. Use in building standard PVC pipe...
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  • PVC Electrical Conduit Pipe

    Swin PVC electrical conduit offers a complete line of rigid PVC conduit and fittings and PVC utility duct.
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  • Floor Heating Pipe

    1. Data of Floor heating pipe(PE-RT)
    1. Material: Polyethylene of raised temperature resistance
    2. Sizes : 20,25
    3. Standard length: 300 meter per roll
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  • Composite Pipe for Cold Water

    Composite pipes are made from unreinforced thermoplastics like high density polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), and glass reinforced plastics (GRP).
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  • Primary Water Filter

    Introduction of primary water filter:
    1. Material: body: 304 stainless steel, impact resistance plastic; inner: 316 stainless steel
    2. Size: 105*75*265 mm
    3. Precision: 30-70μm
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