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Teach You How To Choose The Pipe
Jul 02, 2018

The inner and outer layers of the aluminum plastic PPR pipe are made of special polyethylene material, which is made of plastic, hot melt adhesive and aluminum alloy from inside to outside. The reason why aluminum plastic composite pipes are so popular is mainly because of its excellent performance, cleanliness, innocuity and smoothness. The aluminum layer can isolate gas permeation, so that the pipeline has the advantages of both metal pipes and plastic pipes, and eliminates their respective shortcomings. So how do we choose the aluminum plastic PPR tube?  Let's look at it.

First of all, we must determine the use before choosing materials. If only used for conveying cold water, uncrosslinked aluminum-plastic PPR pipe can be used. If it is used to provide hot water discharged, then it is necessary to select the PPR pipe with inner and outer cross links.

In addition, we can use the knife to cut the outer layer and observe the plastic layer outside and the aluminum layer beside it. The good aluminum plastic PPR tube is tightly bonded with two layers and is not easy to separate. On the other hand, if the two layers are separated or not tightly bonded, they are inferior products.

Finally, it can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of appearance. High quality aluminum plastic PPR pipe surface is smooth, pipe information is comprehensive and clear. The information of counterfeit and shoddy products is incomplete or vague.

A good aluminum plastic PPR pipe can be used for about 50 years to buy inferior products. The service life may be about 4-5 years, which may also cause other safety problems. Therefore, we must choose high-quality aluminum-plastic PPR pipe produced by high quality manufacturers.

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