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Mid-autumn Festival Holiday
Sep 22, 2018

Mid Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival and Qingming Festival are known as four traditional festivals in China. Every the 15th day of August of the Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese people from all over the world will reunite with their families to enjoy the bright moon.



The traditional customs of guessing lantern riddles, eating moon cakes, enjoying Osmanthus fragrans, and boat trip on the lake have continued to this day.


People, especially who are far away from home and miss their families, take the full moon as a symbol of families’ reunion and praying for harvest and happiness. SWIN wishes everyone a happy gathering and a happy Mid-Autumn festival.

 P.S. Since 2008, Mid-Autumn festival has been listed as a national holiday, so next Monday (24/9) company will take the day off, sorry for any inconvenience.


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