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Measures To Reduce The Noise Of PVC Drainage Pipe
Jul 02, 2018

While adding stabilizers to increase the chemical stability and strength of the pvc pipe, the sound insulation properties of the plastic itself are greatly reduced. Therefore, under the current situation that the pvc drainage pipe has reliable mechanical performance, how to solve the problem of noise reduction and noise reduction has become an urgent matter. You can start with noise sources and use the following improvements to improve their sound insulation:

1 Made of double-wall hollow soundproof PVC drainage pipe

The special equipment for PVC pipe extrusion is modified to add an intermediate mold between the inner and outer jackets, and the jacket mold is modified to increase the intermediate distance to form a medium air cavity between the two walls, so that the plasticity of PVC can be not changed. However, it can increase the damping of the pipe along the flow direction and increase strong sound insulation effect.

2 Single wall and double material PVC pipe

The secondary formula is based on the original single-wall PVC pipe, that is, the porous sound-absorbing material formed by the plastic foaming technique is used to increase the wall thickness so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the damping along the outer wall, thereby obtaining a good sound insulation effect, but this An additional set of equipment is needed, thus increasing manufacturing costs.

3 Made of sound-absorbing PVC drain

The PVC pipe is made of an anechoic drain pipe with a spiral fin attached to the inner wall. At this time, the outer wall of the pipe is still a PVC hard plastic pipe (to ensure the required strength of the drain pipe), but the inner wall is attached with a flexible soft material with a certain width. A plastic spiral belt that unloads the part of the water impact pressure onto the spiral belt, thereby buffering the tube wall.


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