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How To Choose And Purchase Durable Water Supply Pipes
Jul 02, 2018

When we buy a type of water pipe material, we all expect to be able to select economical and affordable pipes, but for the people in need, the use type is still the majority. No one expects to have problems after buying the goods. Then how to choose the drainage and water supply pipes? Let's look at how to see how it is. Pick it up?

Because the plumbing line should be satisfied with your health needs, we should first look at the cleaning function of the products. The degree of cleanliness of water and the pipes used can also be linked to the infiltration of oxygen into the wall of the outside air, because the long time oxygen soaking is easy to breed bacteria, scale, green moss in the pipeline and pollute the water quality. Aluminum plastic pipe because of the center of the tube has a layer of metal aluminum, so it can 100% light, oxygen isolation, and other pure plastic pipes such as PP-R can not deal with oxygen, light, and other questions.

The other is to see the safety and reliability of the goods. At present, the common domestic tap water pipes are aluminum-plastic pipe, PE pipe, PP-R tube and so on. From the analysis of raw materials, the aluminum plastic pipe is high density polyethylene clip aluminum, the melting point of polyethylene is 140 C, so its long time high temperature resistance function is outstanding; the PE pipe has a single layout and large coefficient of linear expansion, and the inductive function is not as good as the aluminum plastic pipe; PP-R Because of the molecular characteristics of polypropylene itself, its high temperature resistance and high coefficient of linear expansion, the PP-R pipe can not work more than 70 C for a long time.

Pipe material big guy pipe material for many years to build high quality pipe, produce the most excellent products, during which PP-R pipe, PE pipe is the support of broad consumers! So it is said that the choice of drainage, water supply pipe can not only save money, the key is still good quality of pipe good can save the consumer's heart Be careful.

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