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Detailed Comparison Of PPR Pipe And PVC Pipe
Jul 02, 2018

PPR pipes and PVC pipes are water supply pipes. They have the following differences except for their names.

1.PVC is Polyvinyl chloride, PPR is polypropylene random.

2.PVC is often used as tap water pipe, electric wire pipe, rainwater pipe and sewer pipe. PPR pipes can be used in hot and cold water transportation projects.

3.PPR is used as a drinking water pipe for intake pipes. PVC can only be used for power lines and drain pipes. The difference between the pipes is that PVC pipes are toxic, PPR is not toxic.

4.PVC is glued with professional glue and PPR pipes are connected by hot-melting machine.

timg (2).jpg

PVC raw material

timg (3).jpg

PPR raw material

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