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Why the sewer will stink the bathroom out?
Sep 17, 2018

A strong typhoon hit yesterday. Many trees were blowed down, cars were drowned and windows were damaged in Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao. Typhoon not only cause a heavy losses at that time, but also would made a big bad impact after it. For example, people may find that the toilets stink after typhoon while usually there is no odor. Why the toilet start to smell? Beause windy will affect external pressure, if the structure of toilet or installation is not good, which will lead to countercurrent and foul smell. Therefore it is suggested to make an improvement before typhoon. 

A strange smell in the bathroom is always thought it was not clean. But it has been cleaned many times and the smell is still pervaded. It's as if an invisible opponent is fight against you and you don't know where that opponent is hiding.

The smell of sewer is a serious problem, which is directly related to respiratory health. In fact, there are three main reasons will cause the smell. Firstly, there is no water trap in the sewer pipe; secondly, the odor-proof water seal of floor drain is shallow; thirdly, bad structure or installation of toilet. 

In the process of home decoration, the role of trap is very critical. If the plumber does not install the trap previously, the sewer will stink the bathroom out.




If the smell come from the wash basin, it is recommended to repalce the odor-proof sewer and add a S trap. To assure the quality of improvement, professional plumber is needed.


At present, the common floor drain on the market, no water seal, or water seal is very shallow, can not completely prevent the foul smell of the sewer. It is suggested to cut floor tiles into four small diagonal blocks for discharging water. Floor drain should be installed at the lowest drainage slope, which is 2-4mm lower than the floor tile. Also it is better to add a appropriative trap under the floor drain. This is more efficient on water discharging and oder proofing. 


The reason for the smell of the toilet may be that the structure of the toilet is not reasonable and the water seal is shallow, which may cause the foul smell from the sewage pipe. There is another reason, if the sewer of toilet is dislocation or the the seal ring is aging, which will cause the odor and even leakage. Therefore choosing a big brand product with warranty and professional plumber is very important.

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