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Why PVC electrical conduit is needed in wiring
Sep 06, 2018

Safety in home decoration is always the primary consideration, the circuit in home decoration is generally concealed project, there are lots of vulnerabilities if the electrician is not responsible. For example, leads are twist in the tube, which will result in hidden dangers of electricity.


Using PVC electrical conduit can:

1. Prevent damage to the insulation of wires. If buried directly into the cement mortar, the silicate may corrode the insulation layer of the wire. Corrosion will cause the weaken of the wire insulation, which results in a short circuit.

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2. It lays a foundation for future line maintenance, replacement and home intelligence.


3. Prevent fire. In case the electrical short-circuit causes the insulation layer of the wire to catch fire, the pvc electrical conduit can prevent the flame from spreading, because the conduit is made of flame resistant material, which itself will not burn. It is dangerous to have other materials or inflammable materials next to the wire if no flame resistant electrical conduit is used.


4. Heat dissipation. There is a surplus when wiring, so it can alleviate the wire heat caused by special circumstances.


The connection between PVC electrical conduit and cable box must be covered with a threaded adapter. Never connect conduit and cable box directly.



In the process of decoration, many house owners and decoration companies attach great importance to the construction quality and effect of "carpentry" and "tile work". It is unknown that the greatest impact on future use is not the laying of bricks on the ground, nor the paint on the wall, but indoor wiring and telephone lines. Safe and reasonable wiring should be paid attention to.



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