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Why PPR pipes do not affect drinking water quality
Jul 02, 2018

Many people know that PPR pipe is a healthy tube, because the use of PPR pipe will not affect the water quality, but for this problem, most people know only one of the two, then why does the PPR pipe do not affect the quality of the water? Today we are going to discuss this problem together.

Most of the substances which generally affect the drinking water quality are heavy metals and organic substances, and these two kinds of substances will not appear in the regular production of PPR pipes, one of the metal heat stabilizers which do not need to be added during the production of PPR pipes, and naturally do not have heavy metals that affect the drinking water quality; the second organic matter affects the water quality. From odor and taste, the PPR tube improved the optical performance to improve the impact resistance, the flexibility, the melting temperature, and the improvement in the chemical stability, the vapor isolation and the sensory performance of the organs.

So we say that PPR pipes will not affect drinking water quality.

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