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What are the requirements for installing PVC pipe fittings?
Jul 02, 2018

At present, PVC pipe fittings are the most popular pipe fittings for most consumers, while in the process of installation of PVC pipe fittings, they are satisfied with all aspects.

The length of PVC pipe fittings should be determined according to the measurement and the size of each connecting piece, and the saws, cutting tools and pipe cutting machines should be selected. The fracture of PVC pipe fittings should be flat and no deformation should be observed at the cross section. The part of the socket to be bonded can be made into 15o-30o groove by the middle plate file. The length of the groove is generally not less than 3mm, and the thickness of the groove is 1/3-1/2 of the wall thickness. After completion of the groove, debris should be removed and cleaned. After the socket connection is finished, the extruded adhesive should be dipped in a small amount of acetone with cotton or dry cloth.

The cleaning agent for the PVC pipe fittings is clean and clean. According to the function of the adhesive and the climate conditions, it is static to the interface curing stop. If it is in the winter construction, the curing time should be extended properly.

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