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The PVC tube can be used as a drinking water pipe
Jul 02, 2018

Many friends doubt whether PVC tube can be used to make drinking water pipes. After all, drinking water safety is related to everyone's physical and mental health. Today, I would like to share with you a look at whether PVC pipes can be used as drinking water pipes.

In fact, the state has strict standards for drinking water pipes, and can not contain heavy metals such as lead. The PVC tube itself is made of polyvinyl chloride PVC, which is known to be a high molecular polymer and has nothing to do with lead itself. But because the PVC tube was not considered to be used for drinking water before, some of the PVC tubes were formulated with lead containing salt heat stabilizers, and this PVC tube would certainly not be used for drinking water. But on the other hand, as long as it does not use lead containing heat stabilizers or other contaminated water formulations, it is clear that the PVC tube is actually a good water pipe. The PVC U tube state standard (GB / T10002.1 - 1996) has a strict control of the lead content in the water supply, and the third extraction is less than 0.3mg / L, even if the lead is diffused into the water. Water, because of its very small number (in the use of pipes in the use of more small), will not pollute the water quality, the use of human health will not pose a threat.

Thus, as long as it meets the national standards and has the relevant certificates related to the safety of drinking water, there is not much problem in using PVC pipes for drinking water.

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