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The cause of leakage of PVC pipe fittings
Jul 02, 2018

Following the wide application of PVC pipe fittings in our production and life, we should pay attention to some problems in its application process.

For example, some PVC pipe fittings are used in the future, and sometimes the leakage situation will occur. This may be because the PVC pipe fittings are used, and the quality of their own pipes is problematic, which leads to the failure of the compression function bottom to reach the application standard; it is also possible that the bend at the corner of the PVC pipe fittings is not caused by the touch and the temperature changes. The joint is not tight and causes leakage; there is another reason for the aging of the PVC pipe fittings, which causes the rupture of the water pipe of the PVC water supply, which leads to the leakage.

PVC pipe fittings are recognized as green products nowadays, and their excellent physicochemical functions are attracting more and more professional attention.

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