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Should I clean the water pipe?
Sep 21, 2018


Pipeline cleaning refers to the cleaning of the pipeline to restore the surface of the material itself. Discussed here is the household water pipe cleaning, because it is more easier to generate algae bacteria and accumulate heavy metals. The wall of main building pipe can be scoured by the high pressure and rapid water flow while the water flow in home water pipe is always static and under low pressure. Metal pipes will be oxidized, plastic pipes will generate algae. So it is necessary to check and clean regularly. After cleaning, water can effectively prevent from secondary pollution. It can prevent the diameter of the pipe from becoming smaller because of the sediment or dirt, maintain the water outflow, and protect equipment from corrosion or other chemical damage. The service life of equipment will be extended.(e.g. water purifier)


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Before cleaning the pipes, it is necessary to know the distribution of the pipes, the service life, the usage, the blockage, and the extent of damage of the pipe which may be buried or exposed out of the buildings. Pay attention to its material before dredging. Besides cast iron and ceramics, there are some other materials in the system, such as cement and other materials of pipelines.


In order to facilitate pipeline cleaning, it should be divided into several small cleaning sections. The method of segmentation is mainly based on the volume of the pipeline, floor height, the convenience of cleaning, and the possibility of segmentation.



Generally, there are several ways: chemical cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning, PIG cleaning. Currently the most recommended way is high-pressure water cleaning, which is hygienic, safe and environmental friendly. It is able to quickly clean pipes without digging or stopping water.


Food-grade citric acid is injected into the pipe to soften and sterilized the fouling and bacteria deposited on the pipe wall. Then cleaning the inner wall of the pipe through impaction and oscillation by the waves of the high-frequency water pipe cleaner, relying on air and water as the medium. Fouling will be peeled off layer by layer and discharged out of the pipe rapidly. This can obviously solve water pipe, cooling and heating system problems caused by fouling, such as poor water quality, low efficiency and energy loss. It can also effectively purify drinking water environment.

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According to the color of the sewage, it can be divided into four categories: the black sewage contains sludge, bacteria and heavy metal; the brown sewage contains rust and heavy metals; the powder green sewage contains bacteria and algae (slightly different from the green caused by copper pipe); finally, the milky sewage contains mixed fungi.



The shape of colour of water is depends on the quality of water, pressure, length of pipe and other factors. Generally speaking, if the household pipes with high water pressure, there is less sludge, and the main deposits are algae and bacteria, so the color of water will be lighter.



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