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Principle of material selection for water pipe
Jul 02, 2018

Many times when we go to purchase goods and understand the products of many brands, we find too many product differences, price differences, and so on, our original intention may change. For example, it was originally to buy lined stainless steel composite pipes and found that several plastic pipe manufacturers were also promoting their plastic pipes how good water pipes were and they were cheap. At this point, if some customers are not clear about their own water pipe procurement, they may lose the original intention of purchasing stainless steel composite pipes, and choose plastic pipes. However, when the plastic tube was bought and installed, it was found that the hygienic performance and intensity did not achieve the desired effect.

How can we purchase the water pipes when we buy water pipes?

Don't forget to choose water pipes. What we need is healthy and sanitary plumbing. The sanitary performance of pipes conveying water must be satisfied. Water pipes with poor hygienic performance can not be used at any cost, otherwise you will take health and life as a play. At present, the water pipes with good hygienic performance are thin-walled stainless steel pipes, lined with stainless steel composite pipes and copper tubes. Copper tubes are expensive and are not suitable for use in large quantities. Therefore, most customers choose a thin wall stainless steel pipe and lined stainless steel composite pipe.


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