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PPR pipeline in winter
Nov 08, 2018

Yesterday was Lidong. In traditional Chinese culture, Lidong means the beginning of winter. As winter is coming, the weather begins to cool down and the snow is coming. To ensure the usage of pipeline is no problem, to decrease the possibility that entail a loss caused by damage of pipeline, we should be careful and take actions.

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The following matters need attention during the winter construction of PPR pipeline

1. PPR pipes must not be thrown, rolled or towed during transportation.


2. Pipes shall be stored in the warehouse or shed, and the height of pipe stacking shall not exceed 1.5m, so as to prevent the pipes from cracking due to extrusion at low temperature.


3. Before the heating fusion connection of the pipeline, it is necessary to carefully check whether the pipe has been damaged, especially the inner wall, and avoid using the pipe whose inner wall has been broken but the outer pipe has not been broken.


4. Make an appointment for pressure test after installation, and fill back after qualified. For pipes that have been completed but have not yet been backfilled, pipeline should be well protected to avoid the damage caused by heavy pressure and external force.


In the cold winter, water in the pipeline will gradually become ice under the influence of the low temperature when it is not flowing. Because the volume of ice is larger than the volume of water, the water in the pipeline will be lengthened after freezing, stretched pipeline becomes thinner and thinner and finally break. Therefore, we should pay attention to the freezing of pipes in cold winter. The specific measures are as follows:

1. After the acceptance of pressure test, the water in the pipeline should be drained.


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2. Doors, windows and water supply valves should be closed when unoccupied( open the. valve at the terminal).


3. When someone at home, turn the tap to the minimum, and the water is discharged into a drip to keep the water in the pipe flowing slowly.


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4. The buried depth of the buried pipe of the building shall be below the freezing line.


5. The exposed pipe should be kept warm.


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If the pipeline has been frozen, exposed pipeline can be blown by hairdryer, or put the hot towel on the pipe and then rinsed with hot water of about 50 degrees to thaw. Redarding to indoor concealed piping, increasing the room temperature can gradually melt the ice in the pipeline. Do not use fire to bake directly or boiling water to scald the pipes and water meters, so as not to cause pipe or water meter cracking and damage the internal components of water meter.


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