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PPR pipe preparation work
Jul 02, 2018

It is said that we can not fight the unprepared battle, and we need to make adequate preparations before laying the PPR pipes.

1. The construction technicians are familiar with the drawings and the design intentions, and contact the owners, supervisors and designers in time for the problems found in the drawings, and the installers must be familiar with the general performance of the PPR tube and master the necessary operating points.

2. Before the beginning of the precast processing projects, the material plan is prepared according to the design and construction drawings, and the materials and equipment required are prepared according to the specifications and models.

3. To the site of the pipe, pipe fittings and so on carefully check and supervision, the owner of the inspection material, check the warranty book, specifications, model and so on, after the qualification can be put into storage and make good signs;

4. When the temperature difference between the construction site and the PPR storage area is large, the pipe and pipe should be placed in the field before installation, so that the pipe temperature is close to the construction environment temperature.

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