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Know something about the pipe fittings
Sep 26, 2018

Before understanding the pipe fittings, firstly customer should have a brief understanding of the PPR pipe specifications, because the pipe fitting is according to different water pipe specifications and form a complete set with it. Regarding to home decoration, pipe with diameter(dn) 20mm, 25mm and 32mm are used the most. Dn32mm is usually used as main water service lines. According to thickness, PPR pipe can be divided into two types: 2.8mm for cold water and 4.2mm for hot water (hot water pipe can be used as cold water pipe while cold water pipe only can be used in cold water).



Elbow: It is used to connect the turn of the pipe, because the pipe itself is straight and rigid, can not be bended. To change the direction of the water, can only be achieved through the elbow.


Coupling, tee, bypass bend are all used to extend waterways. Among them: coupling (socket), the fitting will be used to extend when a pipe is not long enough; tee, the fitting will be used when drawing another waterway from one pipe, it can connect two different directions of water; bypass bend, can be used to "cross" past without affecting each other when two separate waterways intersect.



Fittings are all used with matching pipe. If the pipe at both ends of fitting are same size, use the equal fittings; if the pipe are connected at both ends of fitting are different size, use the reducing fittings.



The fittings with threads are usually connected to other accessories. The female threaded fittings are mainly connected to PPR pipe at one end and connected to taps, water meters and hoses at the other end. The male threaded fittings are usually connected to the water heater. fittings with thread are more expensive than normal fittings, so when decorating, customer should pay attention to how many outlet connections.


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