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How to detect floor heating leakage
Jul 02, 2018

With the continuous change in the way of social life, people's life appliances also have continuous progress, people used to warm in the winter when the use of one type of heating, with the constant change in the way of heating all over the world, electric heating has entered thousands of families. Later, with the emergence of small apartment buildings, in order to save more space, the ground heating came into being. Although the ground heating has already been popularized, many people still don't know about the small tricks of checking the leakage of the water. Today, the small editor is here to popularize how to detect the leakage of the ground heating in the home.

The first step of a few quick lookup of ground warm leaks is to make a pressure test to check if the water is leaking to judge whether the ground is leaking. The best way is to redo a pressure test again. Warm loading must be done when the pressure test must be done: close the heating total valve, use a manual press to pressure the ground, pressure 8~10 kilograms to wait half an hour, if the pressure can keep not down, the heating pipe does not leak. If the water leaks, the leak will be very obvious, and the pressure will not be maintained for a long time.

Second step: determine the specific leakage position

(1) to observe the change of the pressure gauge in normal condition, if it is sure that there is water leakage, the pressure gauge usually drops in a short time. When it is determined to be slow leaking, the first is to stop the running of the pipe. After the warm surface is cooled, the valves on the water separator are closed after the hot water pressure is injected, and the pressure meter is observed. It is sure that the pressure gauge does not change.

(2) After determining the leakage loop of the earth heating loop, the infrared thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the earth surface. When the initial measurement is made, there will be a certain temperature difference on the surface. This temperature difference is generally linear, that is, the installation of ground heating pipes. When the leakage point is determined, the surface temperature will rise gradually as time extends. The temperature of the water leakage pipe will rise very high, and a peak will be formed at the leakage point. The temperature of the leakage point here is far higher than the temperature of the other parts of the pipeline. When the water leakage point is determined, the center point should be judged. The location of the center of the water leakage point is usually the place where the temperature is the highest. Accordingly, the user can roughly determine the center position of the leakage, and then carry on the small area ground drilling and check and repair the ground heating pipe.


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