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How to choose a good PPR pipe for water supply
Sep 13, 2018

The quality of water depends on the pipeline. The traditional galvanized pipe is easy to rust, corrode and scale, and it is easy to breed microorganisms. Thus choosing a good pipe can prevent secondary pollution and protect human health. We often experience that a few days without anyone in the house, once we came back and turn on the faucet, yellow water flow out. This is the best example of pipe pollution. PPR pipe is environmental friendly and sanitary, therefore PPR pipe is used commonly in water supply nowadays. So how to choose a good PPR pipe?

1.Formal Building Material Shop

To assure the quality of the water pipe it is recommended to buy pipe from the formal building material shop according to requirement.



Look at the color of the water pipe, the color of high-quality PPR pipe is glossy the better commonly. There will be no variegated particles, if the color of the water pipe mixed with some variegated color, it shows that the quality of the water pipe is not good.

3.Surface Of The Pipe

Check the surface of the pipe to see whether its appearance is smooth and even, you can touch it by hand to see if it feels slick; at the same time to see whether the pipe is marked with the manufacturers' anti-counterfeiting logo, if not, it is suggested not to buy.



Customer can smell the water pipe, if the smell of water pipe is pungent, especially when the pipe is melted, it means the quality of water pipe is not good.


5.Life Of The Product

If the life of the product is not long, it will be harder to maintain in the later period and cause a bigger lose. So, choose a pipe with longer life as far as possible. Otherwise customer has to worry about troublesome matters like the replacement of pipe in the future. 


No matter what type of water pipe is, the primary consideration is hygienic performance. Because every day we have to drink water, water is transfer by pipe, if there is no guarantee on sanitary performance, a long time, it will cause harm to the human body. The inner wall of plastic pipe is smooth, free from scaling and pollution by heavy metal ions.

7.Corrosion Resistance

The water itself contains acidic and alkaline substances, and will have corrosive effect on water pipes, and even exposed outside the air will be corroded by oxidation in the air. Therefore, it is good to have a certain corrosion resistance of water pipes, and to avoid impurities being brought into the water during the corrosion process, causing pollution and then causing harm to human health.


Generally speaking the leakage of the water pipe is usually caused by the external forces. If the water pipe has a certain flexibility, it is not easy to break when bear force, thus avoiding the problem of water leakage.

To choose a good pipe customer should consider factors mention above. 

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