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Connection and installation of PVC drainage pipe
Jul 02, 2018

The connection way of PVC drain pipe is mainly 3 kinds of sealing aprons, bonding and flange connection.

1. The PVC drain pipe with diameter greater than or equal to 100 mm usually adopts apron interface.

2. PVC pipes with diameters less than 100 mm usually use adhesive joints and some live joints.

3. PVC pipes usually use metal pipes when crossing sewers or other pipes. At this time, the plastic pipes and metal pipes are connected with flanges. The connection between the front and back of the valve and the pipe is also flanged.

Precautions for installation of PVC drainage pipe

1. The length of PVC drainpipe is determined according to the measured data and combined with the size of each connecting pipe.

2. PVC sawn pipe sawing tools should be made of fine toothed saws, cutter and pipe cutter. The fracture should be smooth and no deformation should be observed at the cross section.

3. PVC drainage pipe to be bonded to the socket part can be used to file into the 15o~30o slope, the length of the slope is not less than 3mm, the thickness of the groove should be the thickness of the wall thickness of the 1/3~1/2, after the completion of the slope, the debris should be cleaned.

4. After connecting the socket interface of the PVC drainage pipe, the extruded adhesive should be scrubbed clean with a cotton yarn or dry cloth dipped in a few acetone, such as a little acetone. The adhesive is static until the interface is cured according to the performance of the adhesive and the climate conditions.

5. The curing time of PVC drainpipe should be appropriately extended during winter construction.




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