Stainless Steel Manifolds

1. Introduction of Stainless steel manifolds
1. Material: stainless steel
2. Size: 16, 20,25
3. Colour: Silver/blue...

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1. Introduction

1. Material: stainless steel

2. Size: 16, 20,25

3. Colour: Silver/blue

4. Application: Floor heating (The use of manifolds is from a wide and bigger pipe or channel into smaller or channel lead.)


2. Benefits

1. Healthy -Minimize air moisture evaporation, reduce bacteria spread.

2. Energy saving-save up to 33% of energy compare to the regular products

3. Suitable-Generally acknowledged the suitable for floor heating 


3. Installation of stainless steel manifolds


4. Application image003.jpg

5. Combination

PE-RT pipe + stainless steel manifolds + PE pipe clamp + PE-RT insulation board + PE-RT tapetum + heat preservation pipe cover



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