PVC Electrical Junction Box

1. Introduction of PVC Electrical Junction Box
1. Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
2. Size:86*86*50MM
3. Colour: White/Blue/Red...

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1. Introduction

1. Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

2. Size:86*86*50MM

3. Colour: White/Blue/Red

4. Model: 86A

5. Application: Home decoration

6. Features: Heat resistance, non-flammable, recyclable.

2. Advantages

1. Insulating: can stand 25k kilowatt for maximum voltage; under water immersion test, it can bearAC2000 volt, 50HZ. It can prevent people from electric shock efficiently.

2. Flame resistance: would not burn under fire for 5 minutes, flamout immediately after leaving fire.

3. Corrosion resistence: including acid and alkali

4. Impact resistance: can bear the impact by concreting, can bear the temperature of concrete during construction


3. Installation



4. Swin Certificate


5. Swin Company Strength



6. Exhibition


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