PVC Elbow with Cleanout

1. Introduction of PVC Elbow With Cleanout:
1. PVC pipe size: Diameter: 50mm-200mm; thickness: 2.0-4.9mm;
2. Length: 4 meters each one or customized
3. Use in building standard PVC pipe project and residential quarter projects....

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1. Introduction

1. Standard: GB/T5836.1-2006 and GB/T5836.2-2006.

2. Colour: white.

3. Complete specification and models.

4. Connection: glue

5. Application: used with PVC pipe in drainage system.

2. Full Size



3. Advantages

1. For non-pressure applications.

2. No special tools are required to establish joints and minimal training is required for installation.

3. With cleanout: it is convenient for maintenance of pipeline in later stage.

4. Deliver, Shipping and Servingimage003.jpg

5. Our company



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