PVC 45 Degree Elbow Fitting

1. Introduction of PVC 45 Degree Elbow Fitting:
1. PVC pipe size: Diameter: 50mm-200mm; thickness: 2.0-4.9mm;
2. Length: 4 meters each one or customized
3. Use in building standard PVC pipe project and residential quarter projects....

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1. Introduction 

1. Quality standard: GB/T5836.1-2006 and GB/T5836.2-2006, meet to export standards.

2. Application: drainage system in residential and municipal projects( Elbow  is used to connect the turn of the pipe, because the pipe itself is straight and rigid, can not be bended. To change the direction of the water, can only be achieved through the elbow.).

3. Complete specification and models.

4. Colour: white

5. Connection: glue


2. Specifications 



4. Installation

1. Make sure all joining surfaces are free from dirt, dust , water and oil.

2. Mark the pipe end with the fitting depth line.

3.  Coat the inside of the elbow fitting with a medium layer of glue. Inmmediately apply a full even layer of glue on the pipe for a distance slightly greater than the depth of the elbow fitting. If glue dries on either surface before joining, apply another coat.

4. While the glue is still wet, immediately insert the pipe into the elbow with a steady even motion until it bottoms in the elbow, and turn pipe 1/4 turn in the elbow to ensure an even spread of glue. Hold the pipe and fitting together firmly in position for at least 2 minutes. Wipe the excessive glue from joint after assembly.

5. Do not take the next step until the joint is cured. The pipe system shall be put into use only after 48 hours.

5. Production lines and manufacture base



6. Qualifications

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