Hollow Soundproofing PVC Drain Pipe

Hollow Soundproofing PVC Drain Pipe

1. Introduction of Hollow Soundproofing PVC Drain Pipe:
1. PVC pipe size: Diameter: 50mm-200mm; thickness: 1.8-4.9mm.
2. Complete specification and model for your choose.
3. Use in building standard PVC pipe project and residential quarter projects....

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1. Introduction

1. PVC pipe size: Diameter: 50mm-200mm; thickness: 1.8-4.9mm.

2. Standards: GB/T5836.1-2006 and GB/T5836.2-2006.

4. Complete specification and models.

5. Length: 4 meters each one or on customer’s request.

2. Full Size










3. Advantages

1. Hygienic, non-toxic material: no filthy, alga nor other microorganisms will be caused in the process of using, no secondary pollution caused by rust water filth of the zincification pipe.

2. Strong in anti-corrosion: resistant most of the acids and alkalis, free from the effect of corrosive liquid.

3. Large water flow: smooth in inner wall, without accumulated filth and small friction coefficient.

4. Convenient for installation: light weight, easy in handling.

5. Long life for use:under normal conditions, the product is highly compression resisting, with high tensile strength.

6. Sound proofing: the hollow inner wall of the pipe is streaked can reduce noise when water impacts the pipe and falls from high.


4. Application Area

1. Drainage system of residential and municipal project.

2. Public service drainage system( e.g. sport facilities).

3. Highway, roadway drainage system.

4. Chemical enterprises drainage system( e.g. dirt waste water).


5. Production Details and Qualification



6. Packing and Shipping



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