Plastic Reamer for Composite Pipe

Plastic Reamer for Composite Pipe

1. Specifications of Plastic reamer for composite pipe
1. Swin plastic reamer
2. colour: yellow
3. category: plastic reamer for PEX-al-PEX pipe...

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1. Specifications

1. Swin plastic reamer 

2. colour: yellow 

3. category: plastic reamer for PEX-al-PEX pipe 

4. material: Plastic 

5. length measure : metric syst


2. Descriptions

This plastic reamer applies to diameter from 1014mm to 3240mm. This plastic reamer can not be used for turning steel pipe as this maybe damage the reamer


3. Package

The plastic reamer is packed in paper box, 3 boxes per carto

(Notes: MOQ: The MOQ will be starting from 100 pieces;

Delivery time: Delivery time will be approximately take up to 25 days.)


4. Warehouse and delivery



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